Olga Zinoviev’s Appeal to the Citizens of Russia and the World


Dear fellow citizens, all decent, thinking people of Russia!

I, Olga Zinoviev, wife and curator of the Russian thinker Alexander Zinoviev’s intellectual heritage, appeal to you.

More than 20 years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union – the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th Century – as Alexander Zinoviev aptly described this event.

For 20 years our country, in his prophetic words, has been a colonial democracy. Russia’s life blood is being sucked from her drop by drop by those who aimed their fire at communism but hit Russia.

During this period more than 3 trillion dollars of capital have been taken out of Russia. This is a shocking amount. With this money it would have been possible to repair the damage suffered by our huge country during the Great Patriotic War, the war with fascism, 5 times over.

During this year alone (as yet unfinished) more than 50 billion dollars have already been taken out of Russia.

The Russian Stabilisation Fund is held in inflated United States bonds, and the fund itself is neither transparent nor under the control of the people.

All the money is credited to the account of the richest country in the world. Instead of being used for the construction in Russia of new roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, an appropriate level of funding for science and education, and everything else which counts as investing in ones own people.

Every rouble which is invested in Wall Street, every rouble of colonial tribute is an act of treachery towards ones own people.


Today Russia, a poor country in which more than 20 million people go hungry, who live below the poverty line, is one of the 10 countries to have invested the most in  the USA. Our country, lacerated by the unimaginable extent of the monetary outflow is cynically being carved up and sold off, as happens in the trade of human organs or even human beings.

The whole country is working for world-wide speculators and financial deals with Wall Street. Money earned by the incredible labour of the entire people is going into the most dishonourable financial soap-bubble in human history.

The Russian people have not been robbed in this way since the times of the Tartar Yoke.  Now Russia is suffering under the much more cruel yoke of the world financial pyramid, the `Moloch’ of the 21st Century.

I appeal to all the citizens of Russia – speak out; later you will not be able to forgive yourself for your indifferent silence.


We are being fobbed off with a surrogate agenda, we are being required to address secondary problems, they are trying to reorient our awareness with distracting requests and invented slogans which sound appalling in the remote villages deep in the heart of ill-treated Russia. It is the people who are paying the excessive colonial tribute, which has been imposed on our country, enslaved by global capitalism. We are told that the actions of “Occupy Wall Street” are not relevant to Russia, that the movement is of no interest to our citizens.

This is a lie. It is simply that, as usual, we are not told the whole truth. Wall Street – the insatiable American Golden Horde – represents a greater danger for Russia than it does for the ordinary American citizen.


This is our answer in solidarity to all those who are dissatisfied with the global dictatorship of financial capital.

I appeal to all the citizen of the creditor countries of Wall Street and the USA, to the donor countries such as China, Europe, Japan, Venezuela, to all the countries in OPEC, to Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada and all those who invest in Wall Street at the expense of their own people.

Today there are acts of protest all over the world against the financial blackmail imposed by Wall Street. The world understands the cause of its illness.


Enough of meekly allowing our children and grandchildren to be robbed! Do not be silent! Our children and grandchildren will not forgive us.

In the words of that man for all seasons, Alexander Zinoviev, – a prophet who returned to his mother country after the bombing of Serbia by NATO forces, prepared to share the lot of his own people to the very end: Be alive, be mobile, be active! Act – using all of the intellectual resources at your disposal.

Be true to yourself, to our country, our Motherland. We are not indifferent to what is happening to Russia.

The most powerful force in the world is Truth.

Olga Zinoviev,
Russian-Bavarian Alexander Zinoviev Research Center (RSUTE and Universität Augsburg),
Comes Rectoris Universitatis, Universität Augsburg,
Editor-in-Chief, Magazine «ZINOVIEV»

Moscow, Russia,
October 29, 2011

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