#COVID-19. Wang Haiqing: Some Thoughts about the Corona Virus

This article is an answer to the call of Olga Zinovieva, Co-chair of the MIA “Rossiya Segodnya” Zinoviev Club, to the Club members to give their assessments of the situation in the world.

When my teacher Ms. Olga Zinovieva invites me to write something under such special virus spreading in China, Russia and all of the world, I am thinking with heavily feelings, but not with despair.

Why I am considering heavily? I am a Chinese person, just staying at home for about one month in order to avoid Corona Virus suffering each other. From beginning I together with my family feel a little tensity, after one week feel a little relaxed and quiet, and now I am a little heavy feeling of fact happened in the world although China defeat Corona Virus more successfully.

Feeling heavily, it is as two days ago all Chinese people take one day to stay at home for memory who died away for this long history country, also who are dead during Corona Virus disease happened in China. Feeling heavily as I watched one Spanish lady cry for help your husband from hospital, but hospital have to cut off his ventilator machine only as he is over 65 years old. Feeling heavily when Italy is in big troubles, but where is European committee support? Feeling heavily Switzerland is seriously suffered by virus, what other European countries surround him worked on medical cargoes. Feeling heavily what the most developed country in the world done… I am very very surprised at what happened when this special enemy Corona Virus attack mankind now.

Why I feel a little relaxed than beginning, as all Chinese people united together leading by our government and helped from other friend countries to defeat the virus more successfully ,as I see most of world counties help each other friendly, as I see most of countries get a little more better beginning…

Not despair, why? Of course the situation of virus disease in the world will be getting more better united by each nationality leaders help each other, support each other including some international medical committee.

Now I am imagine the world after virus flies away in the near future, the world will be more beautiful than before. Why? As the God in the heaven only choose real righteous after disease!

God bless us all!

Wang Haiqing
Dalian Ruicheng Cultural Company Ltd.