March 22nd, 2020. Moscow, Russia


Dear friends and all thinking people of our vast world!

Today we find ourselves in distress and confusion. In the blink of an eye, our world has become shattered, although we live and work on five continents under the same sky.

These are times of trial. What are capable we of as human beings, as bearers of high moral principles and huge responsibilities? We are responsible for a world, in which all conceivable contradictions of manmade origin are entangled and intertwined, as it would seem.

However, the urge to gain and to possess, the struggle to redivide the world, the constant quest to overcome everyone and everything, and the perspective of eventually achieving a state of complete loneliness on a deserted and devastated planet… This is all but the realization of the great dream that has captured the brightest minds of human history since its beginning. 

Today it is difficult to speak about what awaits us all. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: the moment has come to change your mind, pull the global brakes and take a look around. We should all ask ourselves this very question: do we want life on Earth to continue?

The peace on Earth and the peace in our minds — they are worth the determination, readiness and understanding of all the responsibilities for the future of our planet. They are worth all the efforts in order stop the madness, that has swept humanity, or rather to stop those who, whilst establishing a new world order, self-appointed themselves to decide on life, death, imprisonment and the deprivation of freedom of thought of others. But the freedom of thought will never give in to the pandemic of panic and insanity, carrying the name COVID-19!

This is the crucial moment to reassess the significance of social institutions and phenomena! The time has come to return to true and genuine, rather than imaginary and glamorous, values!

Today I call up to you to use the full extent and power of your moral intelligence in order to seize and realize the present and future of Man. In face of the approaching new “dark ages” of dehumanization, each of us must contribute to the common cause of saving us as a civilization endowed with reason, morality and will.

Life is the greatest wonder in the world, and its continuation is worth fighting for — for all of us and our descendants!


Yours and with all of you,

Olga Zinovieva

Co-chair of the MIA “Rossiya Segodnya” Zinoviev Club,
Director of the Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute,
Honorary President of the International Society “Russia – Germany”