The international project “ZINOTEKA – SCIENCE FOR HUMANITY” has started


The Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute, with the support of the United Nations, is starting to implement the Project “ZINOTEKA – SCIENCE FOR HUMANITY”.

President of the Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute Olga Zinovieva:

Olga Zinovieva at the UN Office at Geneva (Switzerland), February 28, 2024

«“We stand for the right of every people to determine their own destiny, for cultural and civilizational diversity, respect for customs, traditions, religion. We are resolutely against the hegemony of the collective West. Russia and the Islamic world are jointly fighting to preserve moral foundations, moral principles and traditional family values, which today are so barbarically destroyed by Western “democratizers” and “civilizers.”

Russia’s cooperation with Islamic states opens up new opportunities for strengthening the security and economic spheres, accelerating technological development, improving people’s well-being and preserving life on planet Earth.

I am confident that the Project “ZINOTEKA – SCIENCE FOR HUMANITY” – based on humanitarian cooperation will be successful and will  opens up enormous opportunities for scientific, cultural and technological cooperation and prosperity”.


Official album with the architectural and design concept of the project “ZINOTEKA – SCIENCE FOR HUMANITY”


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