Chinese delegation visits Kostroma within the twenty-year international project “Russian Confucius — Alexander Zinoviev”

The twenty-year international project “Russian Confucius — Alexander Zinoviev”


On August 5th, 2017 members of the Zinoviev club of the IIA “Rossiya Segodnya” and a representative delegation from the People’s Republic of China visited Kostroma, birthplace of the great Russian thinker Alexander Zinoviev, honorary citizen of the city of Kostroma. The main part of the visit was the acquaintance of the members of the delegation and the Kostroma State University (hereinafter — KSU) as a start of the twenty-year international project “Russian Confucius — Alexander Zinoviev”.

The delegation was led by Olga Zinoviev, widow of Alexander Zinoviev, Co-Chair of IIA “Rossiya Segodnya” Zinoviev Club, Director of the Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute, President of the International “Russia — Germany” Society.

The official program began with a solemn wreath-laying ceremony at the Alexander Zinoviev memorial at the KSU. Nikolai Rassadin, president of the KSU, as well as Alexander Naumov, rector of the KSU, also took part at the ceremony.

At the visit of the Alexander Zinoviev memorial auditorium at the KSU an Agreement on comprehensive cooperation has been signed between Dalian Maritime University, Kostroma State University and the Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute.

The program also included a discussion on the perspectives of long-term plans for further cooperation between the Zinoviev Club and the KSU, as well as a reception at the Chamber of Commerce and Idustry of the Kostroma Oblast’.

Russian members of the delegation:

  • Michael Khazin — economist, publicist, member of the Supreme Council of the International Eurasian Movement;
  • Svetlana Popova — Adviser to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, general

director of the company “Ochevidnoe – neveroyatnoe” (Obvious and incredible), editor-inchief of the journal “V mire nauki” (In the world of sciences);

  • Vladimir Lepekhin — General Director of the EurAsEC Institute, executive director of the IIA “Rossiya Segodnya” Zinoviev Club;
  • Sergei Belyakov — Head of the Chamber of Commerce and Idustry of the Kostroma Oblast’;
  • Alexey Blinov — vice-director of the Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute, editor-in chief of the ZINOVIEV.INFO portal;
  • Oleg Shakhov, businessman, public figure;
  • Vassiliy Kovtunovich — chief of the ZINOTHECA-project in Moscow (supervisor of the construction of the public center of Alexander Zinoviev).

Chinese members of the delegation:

  • Wang Haiqing — Exclusive and Executive Coordinator of the China-Russia twenty-year Project “Russian Confucius — Alexander Zinoviev;
  • Ren Duanzheng — Vice-president of Shanghai Jielong Industry Group Co., Ltd.;
  • Zhou Yonghong — President of the Dong Fang Culture Development Co.;
  • Li Shu Gao — Professor, researcher at the Soochow University, School of Foreign Languages.

“China has a multi-thousand-year history and its appearance in the fate of Alexander Zinoviev is not accidental. This is a new stage in the development of high spirituality, the moral renewal of the world and the intellectual maturation of mankind on the basis of the “Factor of Understanding”. The project “Russian Confucius — Alexander Zinoviev” is a powerful intellectual bridge between two powers, between two great civilizations — China and Russia. I am convinced, that the value of the intellectual weapon Alexander Zinoviev will grow and help our peoples defend their interests in the epoch of the aggressive geopolitical strategy of the West, which, pursuing aggressive neocolonial interests, has appointed Russia and China as its main enemies. Our cause is just — we will win!”, — said Olga Zinovieva.

The twenty-year international project “Russian Confucius — Alexander Zinoviev” was founded 2017 as an initiative of numerous Chinese intellectuals, businessmen and Mass-media representatives in view of the 100 anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The project’s mission is to popularize the intellectual and artistic heritage of the renown Russian scientist, writer and patriot Alexander Zinoviev in China and to save it for further generations.


GTRK Kostroma, 7/08/2017