Zinoviev club held a regular meeting in RIA Novosti entitled “West and Wars”

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Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, 26.02.2015 


Zinoviev club held a regular meeting in RIA Novosti entitled “West and Wars”.

Zinoviev club held a regular meeting in RIA Novosti entitled “West and Wars”. According to the Chief executive of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies lieutenant general Leonid Reshetnikov “the real war has been waged against Russia: tanks, artillery, missiles, subversive actions, intelligence groups”.

Besides there’s no opportunity to stop the armed conflict: “The USA is a nonnegotiable part in such conflicts, they are used to bringing the matter to the end – Carthage must be wiped out, and Carthage is Russia”. An old intelligence man cited Iraq and Jugoslavia as an example. According to his words Russia can participate in Minsk-1, Minsk-2 and etc., but America will never leave its goal – to overthrow Putin’s regime.

“They fail to stay peaceful, – noted Reshetnikov. – Being powerful and muscular they are used to war. They do not shun any foul means. Serving in intelligence, I reasoned that when the CIA is called intelligence it is not correct. It has intelligence functions but the CIA is not intelligence as such. It is the means of force action on world politics, the institute of subversive actions, regime toppling and murders.

The general cited as an instance his contacts with CIA agents: They have a mind set of those belonging to a unique race, to a special country, they are reckless of consequences. I saw it while discussing Iraqi and Yugoslav problems – they don’t care about the following impact on them, as they are sure to be right and everything will work out all right.

Mr. Reshetnikov believes the USA has a military option for Russia: “As opposed to us. We don’t go that far. This is the difference between us”.

What comes next? No pull-out of troops will follow. They will “force on, force on, force on, as it was in Syria, Iraq and as it is now in regard to Russia, the regime must be toppled, it doesn’t become more democratic and so on”.

And it’s not that the Americans right or wrong, the general marked. It is nothing else but a national-government conception, “it is their all”.

Mr.Reshetnikov mentioned his speech in National Academy in France in December 2013. He was told: The Europeans understood that Russia won’t become European. “In 90s it (the economy) was disrupted but not completely. It started to revive slowly, hit or miss, and gradually takes a ranking place in world politics. They tried to make us think that we are politically weak-willed, that we have all drunk away. But historically we are a great power. Not even China. Only Russia can be an alternative to America. We are a civilizational alternative, and the China is only a competitor to the USA, it doesn’t bring any civilizational alternative”, – reposed Mr.Reshetnikov.

What are the odds in an unpreventable war with the USA? According to the general, “we are equal, we have nuclears.” But in other weapons we are falling behind.

The key issue is ideology: “They managed to persuade us that we are weak and gaunt. But it is not the case – even tractor drivers and combine operators win if they will”.

Mr. Reshetnikov cited the USA as an example: “They base on ideology, advocacy. America is above all, we are the freest country in the world and so on. And a Russian without an idea, as Dostoevsky said, is a half pint. When go into the assault, what will be our motto? Happy New Year? Or else? Congratulations?!»