Olga Zinoviev: An Appeal to the Nobel Committee

Olga Zinoviev. RIA Novosty, 2014

An Appeal to the Nobel Committee to withdraw the Status of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate from US Citizen Barak Obama

I, Olga Zinoviev, citizen of a free country, observing the enforced ‘democratisation’ of the world as exemplified by the cases of Yugoslavia, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Ukraine, do not have the moral right to witness in silence the escalating virulence of the anti-Russian slander coming from the President of the USA, his aggressive support and encouragement of one country to poison its relations with another, his insistence on continuing to pursue a policy of ‘peaceful’ resolution of the situation in Ukraine, where people are shot at with explosive shells, peaceful towns are bombed, and ambulances transporting the injured come under fire. If that is a ‘peaceful’ resolution, what would a ‘military’ one look like? 

The President of the USA obviously does not know the history of his own country if he does not recall the reasons for the civil war between the South and the North, when he doesn’t recall what the Ku-Klux-Klan is and fails to understand the concept of real liberty, as opposed to its statue in New York. Surrounded as he is by clueless aides who would have difficulty locating Iran or Belorussia on a map, he does not see the countless victims among the peaceful citizens of Ukraine when he delivers his mendacious speech at West Point, in which he blames Russia for everything. Why does he not cry out with indignation when peaceful citizens in Odessa are burned alive in true fascist style? Why is a campaign of planned destruction, defined in all dictionaries as genocide, implemented and sustained by four companies of private mercenaries speaking American English? Is the dreadful eloquence of pictures of people being killed, in a country in which the State Department has spent five billion dollars trying to impose democracy, somehow unintelligible? 

And this unbridled policy of warmongering and poisoning relations between peoples, a threat to the whole world, derives from that recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Mr Barak Obama. 

Honourable members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, are you not shocked by the monstrous repetition of what took place in the 20th Century and which was condemned by the Nurnberg Tribunal as a horrendous crime against humanity and civilisation? Where is the humanity, where are the beautiful ideals that underlie the Nobel Peace Prize? Surely you will not continue to remain silent and impartially observe the unbridled terror unleashed by that Transatlantic ‘peace-maker’? I demand that you revoke the status of US citizen Barak Obama as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and instigate criminal proceedings against him in the International Court of Justice at The Hague on charges of war crimes against a peaceful population, calls for action which escalated into war against the peaceful citizens of Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Ukraine, destruction of the very concept of humanity and trampling underfoot all the rights and norms embodied in the Charter of the United Nations Organisation. 


Olga Zinoviev,

Widow of a Veteran of Great Patriotic War,

Director of Alexander Zinoviev’s legacy programme

Moscow, 1st June 2014


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