Philosophers for the Future without Nazism. An Address to Philosophers of the World

Moscow. May 4, 2022


Philosophers for the Future without Nazism. An Address to Philosophers of the World


XX century has been a time of amazing progress and paramount achievements of human mind. But this same century witnessed a birth of the Absolute Evil – German Nazism that put under mortal threat the very existence of Humanity. Nazism as an ideology and unhuman practice was destroyed by Soviet Army and convicted by Nuremberg Tribunal. It seemed then – forever.

But eventually it proved not. Poisonous seeds of Nazism have grown once more in XXI century in the very center of Europe. The descendants of such convicted Nazi criminals as Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich came to power through bloody coup d’etat in February 2014 with indulgence of so called “Guarantors” of peaceful transfer of power – ambassadors of Germany, France and Poland to Kiev. The citizens of autonomous region Crimea and city of Sebastopol had rejected to live in the same state with Nazis. The people of the Donbass region joined them. Since then the Nazis regime in Kiev has been carrying full scale war against people of Donbass. And this genocidal war has been ignored by that same West which century ago gave birth to Nazism and Fascism.

February 24, 2022 has become the breaking point of the world History. Pumped with western military supply and soaked with racist Russophobia Kiev’s “Banderocracy” was ready to attack People’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. This did not happen due to Russia that launched Special Military Operation (SMO) in order to protect millions Russian and Russian-speaking people in Donbass from imminent genocide. The main goal of SMO – as defined by Commander-in-Chief, President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin – are: demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

We have expected the West who survived in the 30-40-s of the past century an experience of “The New Order” set by Hitler, would adequately accept our determination to bring down newly reborn The Nazi Beast in Ukraine. But unbelievable has happen! European Union and NATO leading by USA have sided not with us but with Ukrainian Nazi. Thus the “collective West” openly opted to present itself to the rest of the World as a sponsor of new incarnation of Absolute Evil. This is a shameful betrayal of our common Victory in WWII, and demonstration of the barely hidden goal – to crash Russia.

Nazi regime in Ukraine is supplied with tonnes of lethal weapons, munitions and all other means to continue the war. Western “Information Empire” is streaming terabytes of lie about Russian soldiers who fight as heroes for liberation of people of Ukraine, Europe and the whole World from the Nazi Plug. Against people of Russia the West has waged total economic war including sanctions, cynical robbery of national assets, propriety and freezing financial avoirs. Many participants of global markets are bullied and/or blackmailed by US and their satellites in vain attempt to organized economic blockade of Russian Federation.

And what is most terrifying –  Bandera-style Russophobia spilled over the Ukrainian borders into European Union. Russian identity, citizenship, language and culture as such have become a sort of stigma. Russians are haunted in manner closed to that of had been in use in times of antisemite pogroms in Nazi Germany. The ominous symbol of Holocaust-2 was tragedy in Odessa where several dozen Russians were burned alive in the House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014.

Western philosophers, looking at Ukraine who is becoming not yellow-blue but more and more brownish, either keep silence or collaborate with new breed of Nazi by providing ideological alibi for them. And this silence as well as this collaboration will put a permanent shame on those who still pretended to be the heirs of Plato and Aristotle, Descartes and Spinoza, Kant and Hegel, Wittgenstein and Sartre.

We see a symptom of “Nazism returned” which proves deep malaise of European Thought –  lack of the will. Rejection to think independently leads to immoral compromise and criminal “Deal with Consciousness”. We don’t want believe, but there are many hints that the shadow of Hitler, who once upon a time liberated German People from “Chimera of Consciousness”, today hangs over Humanity again.

For us, Russian philosophers the choice is clear: let be the Future! But if only we together  will purify it from Nazi Plug – forever. If only the West terminates its proxy-war against Russia using Banderian Kiev’s regime. And if only European philosophers will find in themselves might and courage to go against the grain. To openly stand against political mainstream shamely glorifying neo-Nazism. Reputation, Honour and Dignity of European free-thinking now put at stake. The last Geopolitical Stake.

Don’t let the World to perish in the first and the last Nuclear War! Stop your politicians blinded by narrow selfish interests, intimidated by “Washington’s World Rulers”, poisoned by miasma of the centuries-old Russophobia.

Time has come. Today or Never.



Olga Zinovieva – President of the Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute

Leonid Polyakov – Philosophy Doctor, Member of Counsel for Development of Civil Society and Human Rights under President of Russian Federation

Andrei Ashkerov – Philosophy Doсtor

Oleg Matveichev – PhD in Philosophy, Deputy Head of the Committee for information politics, information technologies and communication in State Duma

Shevchenko Oleg – Philosophy Doctor, Associate Professor. Chairman of the Crimean Branch of the Russian Philosophical Society

Lyubov Tsoi – PhD in Sociology, member of the Zinoviev Club of the International Information Agency “Russia Today”

Galima Galiullina – Philosophy Doctor (Washington, USA)


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