Calendar-Catalogue 2011

For the Exhibition «Zinoviev ≡ Time ≡ Forward !»

You can download english version of the “Calendar-Catalogue 2011”  in PDF (4,16 Mb)





Forms sarcastic attitude to dialectics, demonstrates the process of transition from quantity to quality, shows no mercy to contemporary myths

Installation and design: Alexey Blinov

1. Olga Zinoviev’s «Pandora box». Lid open  

2. «Essence of verity»  and  «anti-lie vaccine»

3. Secret printing press of Alexandre and Olga Zinoviev                            

4. The «reflection of reflection» Mirror. Not to blame!      

5. Global human-ant-hill ruled by westernoids      
6. «Gordian knot».   Irreconcilable struggle of opposites – «Communism» and «Capitalism»

7. Anti-falsification spectacles.  A tool, necessary and sufficient to read historical texts

8. Apples of discord- «Stalinism» and «Anti-Stalinism»

9. Monument to Russian thinker Alexandre Zinoviev in his literary Motherland France

10. «Zinoviev’s and Eltsin’s dueling pistols». Second – Bernard Pivot («Antenne-2»)

11. House-painter’s set used during philosophical construction site of the “Yellow House”

12. The «horned hares» collection – «Michail» and «Boris»

13. Elephant-killer needles  – “Sovietology” and “Kremlinology”

14. Direct action catalytic converter. For «elimination» of amorphousness and uncertainty of the social environment