ZINOVIEV. An Outstanding Magazine. № 1 (6) 2010 (Special edition in English)

ZINOVIEV. An Outstanding Magazine.

Politics & Society Biannual

Founded in 2007.

After 10 May 2006 the friends, associates and followers of the Russian thinker Alexander Zinoviev, as well as the members of the nonprofit organization Olga Zinoviev and Daughters for the Promotion and Support of the Work and Ideas of Alexander Zinoviev decided to found a magazine that would correspond to the Gestalt, Weltanschauung, intellectual and personal capacity of the enlightened The Man for All Seasons.

The magazine focuses on social and political issues; it is a forum, an open discussion board – a Speakers’ Corner of sorts – for novel ideas and bold discussions, vivid journalism with no fixed rules but one, namely, that of respect for everybody else’s personal point of view. The authors are scientists, politicians, journalists and representatives of the fine arts, both young and well-established. The magazine strives for awareness of, and timely reaction to, the entire scope of the contradictory and controversial social environment of the XXI century. It has no geopolitical or historical borders, and its pages unite the Old World and New World authors alike.
Analyses, prognoses, hypotheses and interviews with lucid and articulate individuals, as well as sovereignty, professionalism and integrity are the hallmarks of the new biannual.

It is difficult to name the most interesting publications. They are al vivid, exclusive and full of unexpected phenomena – outstanding would be the right word to describe them, which is consistent with the claim inherent in the very name of the magazine. Our author include Sergei Baburin, Abdusalam Guseinov, Vladislav Surkov, Youri Solodukhin, Alexei Pilko, John M. Walker, Borislav Milosevic, Mark Salzberg, Nikolai Zlobin, Vladimir Bolshakov, Vadim Mezhuyev, Youri Boldyrev, Ernst-Jörg von Studnitz, Igor Mikhailov, Stanislav Petrov, Youri Danilin, Mikhail Rudy, Maksim Lavrentyev, Igor Ilyinskiy, Ernst Neizvestny, Valeriy Lukov, Xenia Zinoviev, Oleg Nazarov, Stanislav Stremidlowsky, Pavel Rodkin, Mikhail Logvinov, Andrei Filin, Tamara Zinoviev, Yuri Naumov and Polina Zinoviev – the intellectual elite of Russia and our friends abroad.

The editors have a great number of manuscripts in their hand, which contain striking and often controversial ideas, and the number of selected authors keeps growing.

The editorial board of the Zinoviev Magazine.

Special edition in English
№ 1 (6) 2010

ZINOVIEV. An Outstanding Magazine


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Alexander Zinoviev. I Have a Dream of a New Man
Sergei Mironov. Some Thoughts on the New Man
Elvira Balandina. The Way Towards the New Man
Vladislav Surkov. Some Thoughts on the New Man

Interview with Madame Chantal Bernard, the pioneer author of the very first Book of Peace
The International Book of Peace

Sergei Mironov. Intellectual Liberty as a Resource for Russia’s Development. Zinoviev in Our Future
Dr. Ernst-Jorg von Studnitz. The Special Relationship Between Germans and Russians – a Contribution for Europe
Michael Kirkwood. On Translating Zinoviev

SDC-Display. Social Design 2009

Abdusalam Guseinov. Consumer Society: Pros and Cons

The Russian Drama of Alexander Vertinsky

The Opening of a Monument to the Great Russian
Thinker Alexander Zinoviev in Kostroma
Sergei Mironov, Speaker of the Russian Federation Council, Lays Flowers to the Monument to A. A. Zinoviev in Kostroma

Blogosphere Snippets

Dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of Anton Chekhov
Alexander Zinoviev. My Chekhov
Dedicated to Mikhail Sholokhov’s 105th Anniversary
Pavel Rodkin. The Art of Combining the Incompatible

Premire Of a New Documentary in Four Parts «Alexander Zinoviev. The Yawning Heights»
The duel between Yeltsin and Zinoviev on French TV: 20 years later
Capitalism: A love story



Zinoviev Readings at the Russian Academy of Sciences
Happy 80th Anniversary, Madhouse!
The first Russophonie Festival Turns to the Ideas of Alexander Zinoviev.
A round table Zinoviev Discussion in Donetsk
The IX International A. P. Chekhov Theatre Festival